Very often impotence in young men

But impotence affects not only young generation this problem is often found in older men. Impotence is often referred as erectile dysfunction. What causes this? Sometimes the causes may be obesity, heavy smoking and excess consumption of alcohol. But causes of impotence in young men are frequent masturbation, some stress, and a fear of getting caught or a fear of first sexual relations with girl. Nevertheless there are proven cures for impotence in young men. They are: male extra

Healthy lifestyle. If you do not smoke much and do not drink beverages then impotence can be cured. When you do exercises, eat healthy food and keep your weight in norm then there will be no problem with treating impotence in young men. First of all reduce junky food in your ration. Drink more water to have harder erections and more sperm volume.Think positive. Very often impotence in young men occurs when there is a high anxiety or stress. Think more positive. Ask advice to find way out of difficult situation that may cause stress. Do not worry about intercourses with girls so often. They are afraid of first sexual experiences as you. Your sexual relations will be new and scaring for you both. She and you do not know what to expect. So think more positive. If it is stress then seek support or advice. You are not alone with your problems. Less masturbation. It is a fantastic sensation that masturbation gives. But you should not pay all your free time on it. It will cause some problems. It is me whom to say and you who act. Choice will be after you. But when you are absorbed with such pleasant thing all day long it only harms you.Herbal supplement. You should be cautious with such things. There are lots of online drugstores offering the herbal anti-impotence supplements. I will say they are safe and effective. But read carefully all information about product and think twice before ordering.