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Amazon says it will make available thousands of movies and TV shows from 30 various Hollywood studios.

Amazon announced the launch of their new video download service – Amazon Unbox. This new service will allow users to download video from thousands of TV show, movies and more using Amazon’s online store.

Everyone expected Apple to launch a video download idm gigapurbalingga service first. After the launch of ,Apple has schedule a news conference to announce the expansion of their popular  digital audio store to soon offer a similar service. “Our goal is to offer consumers great choice,” says Bill Carr, Amazon’s vice president of digital media. Amazon’s 59 million active customers can now order DVD movies shipped to their door or “choose unboxed movies and download directly to their PC,” he says.

TV episodes will run $2 an episode, whereas movie downloads can be purchased at a rate between $8 and $15 and rentals can be made between $3 and $4. “It’s a natural way to keep loyal customers coming back,” says retail industry analyst Dan Geiman of McAdams Wright Ragen.

“It’s a PC-only experience,” says JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg. “There’s no way to burn content to a DVD for playback. Without a really interesting device to use this with besides the PC, it’s going to be a challenge for them.”

Apple states they will make a major announcement about their iTunes store on Tuesday, which already allows for TV show downloads and is the leading music download service on the Internet. They said the addition of movie downloads will greatly increase the service for their current loyal iTunes customers. Apple’s new video service could take over Amazon’s because they will allow their content to be burned onto DVDs. “This could be the biggest event in consumer media since Napster,” Munster says. “Burning is critical. Burning opens up the market.”

To celebrate the opening of their new Amazon Unbox Video Downloads store, they are offering a $1.99 instant rebate on your first purchase or rental (restrictions apply). Most of their TV programs are available for purchase for just $1.99, making your first TV show FREE.

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